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About Bionu

After suffering from many widely misunderstood conditions such as toxic mold illness, chronic reactive Epstein Barr Virus, and Lyme’s disease and finding little to no relief from medications and medical treatments, Jordan set out to find solutions for his health.

He met with at least half a dozen doctors, and thousands of dollars later he was desperate to find a solution that provided relief for his symptoms while also addressing the root cause of these health issues.

Bionu is that solution. Jordan started this company as he found the answers to resolving his own health issues, and now Bionu can help provide others with solutions to their own conditions as they address the root cause of their symptoms.

Bionu Founder and Family

So much of today’s illness boils down to two main factors: toxic overload and nutritional deficiency. The key to each of these factors is optimizing gut health. Poor digestive health leads to poor nutritional status and an impaired ability to rid the body of toxins.

All health and sickness begins in the gut, so a strong digestive system is the foundation for optimal health. Poor gut health contributes to many autoimmune conditions because nearly 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. The digestive system is the first line of defense against toxins and harmful organisms, and that’s what Bionu products are intended to help with.

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