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Leaky Gut Syndrome in Children

Raising kids is a stressful process. As a parent there is always something to worry about. Is my kid getting enough to eat? Are they eating too much? Are they getting the nutrients they need? Plus, there is the constant concern that you are worrying too much. You don’t want to be stressed about nothing, but you also want to take good care of your children's health.

Most parents recognize the more common signs of poor gut health in their children such as tummy aches, reflux, diarrhea and constipation. But the results of poor gut health reach far beyond stomach aches and bowel movement irregularity.
Here are some signs that your child may have leaky gut syndrome.

1. Tummy aches, vomiting or diarrhea

These are the more common signs of gut health problems that are easier to identify. Whether your child regularly complains of their tummy hurting or is frequently sick and vomiting or having irregular bowel movements, it might be time to look at the underlying cause.

2. Weak immune system

Does your child get sick a lot? The gut houses over 75% of the immune system so it is no surprise that poor digestive health has been associated with a weak immune system, often leading to frequent colds, sinus infections, and ear infections.

3. Difficulty concentrating

Poor gut health can lead to your child having difficulty concentrating, not only because it’s hard to concentrate with tummy problems, but because the gut and brain are intrinsically linked. The gastrointestinal tract sends biochemical signals to the brain along what is called the “gut-brain axis” (GBA).

So, when your child is having gut health problems, they may likely experience other neurological symptoms, such as trouble focusing, due to the signals that are being sent to their brain from their gut.

4. Mood disturbances

Children tend to get fussy when they are in pain or feel sick, but this isn’t just because they don’t feel good. When someone is facing gut health problems, they tend to have lower levels of neurotransmitters, like serotonin, which aids in regulating your mood, happiness, and anxiety.

5. Skin problems

Skin problems like rashes, eczema, and other forms of inflammation are common outward expressions of health problems within the GI tract. A damaged gut can lead to “leaking” of certain proteins out in the body, which can irritate the skin and cause these skin problems.

What can you do?

Children are very resilient and usually bounce back quickly after their minor tummy aches or pains, but it is always good to keep at least one eye on them to make sure their health stays in peak condition. Often it is best to take steps to prevent poor health through healthy eating, exercise, and emotional support.

If your child does have leaky gut syndrome or faces a lot of the symptoms that manifest with this condition, there are four powerful ingredients that can help heal their gut:

  • L-glutamine, which aids in the proper growth of the intestinal cells. It also helps maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of the body.
  • Colostrum helps restore the gut to normal permeability levels and supports the gut’s microbiome.
  • Licorice root assists with eliminating bad gut bacteria and helps to relieve stomach pain.
  • Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that help the body function well and maintain its health. They can also fight off bad bacteria, assisting in helping your little one feel better.

Bionu offers GI Repair for kids, a supplement designed to soothe intestinal inflammation, repair intestinal lining, heal leaky gut syndrome, and reduce symptoms associated with poor digestion. It provides each of the ingredients mentioned above and can be used to make a delicious smoothie or drink that your child will enjoy.

Good luck with keeping your kids healthy, and keep up the great work!