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Common Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome

The gut is the largest organ in our immune system, but it is still something scientists and health care professionals continue to learn about. Having a leaky gut means your body may struggle with issues such as bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, aches, and pains. A leaky gut often means there is an underlying cause for your problem that needs to be discovered and resolved.


It is amazing how health is so closely tied to dietary choices. If you’re having issues with your gut, you may look into what you are eating and if anything should be cut out of your diet. Consider eating more probiotics to help boost the bacteria that are beneficial to your gut. You might also add more vegetables and whole grains that are rich in prebiotic fibers.

No one likes having to limit the delicious things they eat, but if it means feeling better with fewer stomach pains, it might be worth giving it a try.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners take a lot of work for the gut to break down. Even some health supplements have artificial ingredients that can cause ongoing health problems. Eliminating these can help take away some of the added stress of an already overworked organ. Also, many people find that they are sensitive to certain meats, dairy products, or even eggs. You could try cutting these from your diet and seeing if that provides you a little bit of relief.

Environmental Causes

The environment around us often has hidden toxins that are too small for the eye to see. This could be anything from the water you drink to the makeup you put on each morning and they can make it hard for your body to function properly.

We live in a world that is full of metals, plastics, and mold that can creep into our internal systems from things we eat, drink, bathe in or apply topically. Over time the toxins can build up in your tissues and cause a sluggish liver, resulting in slow bile flow, digestive upset, low stomach acid production, and nutrient deficiency.

If you continue to experience the negative symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, a health supplement like GIRepair can help alleviate those issues. GIRepair has ingredients like probiotics, licorice root, colostrum, and L-glutamine to help fight off bad bacteria in the gut and maintain the gut’s health and good bacteria.

At Bionu we are led by a nurse who truly has internalized the pledge to “do no harm” so our supplements are filled with only the top quality resources to provide your body with the proper nutrients to keep you functioning at the top level.


Negative stress can do terrible things to your body from keeping you awake at night to giving you stomach ulcers. Often, we are stuck in situations that cause us stress such as work or family issues, but there are ways to work through what we are feeling so that it affects us less physically.

Finding good techniques that can help reduce your stress is an important part of maintaining good overall health (including your gut health). Some people find going on walks or other types of physical activities very beneficial. You could also try picking up a new hobby such as art or writing.

If there is deep psychological trauma that you aren’t dealing with then you should consider seeing a professional so you can help your body become healthy again by healing your mind and heart.

Not Enough Exercise

The body is one fluid machine. Sometimes helping one part of your body will have a ripple effect in other areas of your life. Regularly working out your body can help to balance or put back into place things that may have gotten out of sorts from sitting at a desk or commuting in a car.

Yoga is a great way to bring your whole body into alignment with itself. Just something as simple as a 20-minute stretching session every other day can help to relax every part of you and put things back into their proper working order. If you prefer the more upbeat exercises, don’t forget the importance of stretching to give yourself the rest and strength you need.

Underlying Conditions

Leaky gut syndrome is often caused by other underlying conditions. Some common conditions include intestinal hyperpermeability, celiac disease, or Crohn’s disease.
If your gut health problems persist, and you haven’t seen a doctor for those issues, you should visit with a gastroenterologist to walk through the different treatment methods that may be beneficial for you.